Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things only an economist would say

It has, this year, been an embarrassment of riches on the Democratic side--a half-dozen or so candidates any one of whom would have a reasonable shot of being in the top 20% of American presidents if elected, compared to zero on the Republican side.-Brad Delong

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This is the first time I've heard confidence intervals applied to politics. Running the numbers, there has been 43 presidents. So the next one would make 44, (44*20%)=8.8. I'm going to round this off and assume that he means they have a shot at being one of the top nine presidents of all time. Glad that's cleared up.

Brad Delong explains his vote for Obama because the philosophical differences between the two democrats are minor, but Obama is better at making speeches. I think he is missing an issue. Obama is also the better candidate to restore America's image. This is very closely related to Obama's speech making ability. The media focuses entirely on personal issues during the American election.

Obama has seemed to put the America haters on the defensive. They fall back on the line that they like Obama, but there's no way that America could elect a black president. This isn't supported by the evidence. Message to Americans reading this: PROVE THEM WRONG!

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megs said...

I'm an American living in Canada and he's got my vote. I think that all the naysaying from other countries who don't think America would do it is one factor in why Obama is doing so well. America takes dares, this is proven. The reporting on him has been very good in terms of luring in people who might sorta kinda harbor some racism - he's talked about like another candidate and his race is only talked about in terms of whether Americans would elect a black president, or when his detractors bring it up to their discredit.

Also just commenting to say I just started watching this blog after a link in MR, since I love Canada now, but I really don't get a lot about its politics and economical thinking.