Monday, February 11, 2008

HOT lanes a viable answer to traffic congestion

HOT lanes stands for Hight Occupancy Toll and they are the best solution to traffic congestion that we have going (pardon the pun). The concept basically allows people to pay to use the carpool lane. This allows for the existing road system to swallow more traffic and allows people an option to get through congested roads.

The criticism that HOT lanes are just a perk for the rich (Lexus lanes) doesn't hold much water. The experience has been that everyone uses the lanes sometime. If you are late for work or have an appointment these lanes will seem like a bargain, no matter what your income. Increased revenue also to the government means lower taxes or better public works for everyone.

If you ask somebody in transportation they will tell you that HOT lanes are a great idea but just not politically feasible. Lets start changing that.

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