Friday, February 1, 2008

Dominic D'Alessandro is my hero

...isn't he yours? He is the chief executive of Manulife Financial, an insurance company. The conference board of Canada recently released a report showing foreign takeover of firms raise Canadian living standards. In response, Mr. D'Alessandro gives some of the funniest arguments against foreign takeovers I've heard in a while:

"There's something wrong when you have too few leaders. Every country needs its heroes, and I think Canadians are poorly served by the point of view that says 'It doesn't matter'"

--I think that Canadians would want their heroes to be people who DON'T use the government as a hammer to lower citizens living standards, while enriching their own paycheck. The next quote is even better:
"there's a total absence of any passion, all of it is numbers"


Here's the link to the original Reuters article
-Credit to David Scoones for bringing this article up in class


Cam said...

That is fantastic! All about numbers... haha.

Maybe he needs to show a little bit more "passion" and not jack up premiums to the point that car insurance users don't even file claims anymore. And I'm sure this gouging of insurance consumers has a lot to do with our government protecting his "hero" of an insurance company.

Btw, good job on the link from Tyler Cowen. We need Canadian "hero" economists to get more profile on the web. Oh wait a minute, now I'm the economic nationalist...

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T be honest I don't care about D'Alessandro because I don't know if he's a hero, but I know my father is my hero.