Saturday, November 3, 2007

Technology Battledome!

Be very afraid:

PC World Magazine Writes:
A day after MySpace and Google sent shockwaves through the Web 2.0 world - and a shot across the bow of current social networking darling Facebook - third-party developers have already started announcing plans to build applications using their jointly developed social network APIs. MySpace and Google announced Thursday that they had joined forces to create a set of APIs that can be used to by third parties to create social applications on a variety of sites.

Here's the Link:

With all the money lined up on both sides of the social networking universe, things are bound to get interesting. Personally, they're going to have a hard time dragging me away from facebook, even though their applications have a tendency to suck. This new move will defiantly force them to do something...I have a feeling Mircosoft and Facebook are going to get a little more cozy with one another...

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