Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some good news

Google now plans to go into clean energy business. Here's an excert from cnet:

the effort, dubbed REGoogle itself to next year invest tens of millions in research and development in renewable energy. echnologies created by Google will likely be used by Google, whose data centers are voracious consumers of electricity. The company envisions either selling electricity from renewable sources or licensing technology on terms that would promote broad adoption, according to company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Its overarching goal is to produce 1 gigawatt of electricity from renewable sources--enough to power the city of San Francisco--faster than the current pace of green-technology development.

--This is very good news because the folks down at google seem to know about everything (if this were Mircosoft it would be less exciting). It also shows the need for a carbon tax. If there were a carbon tax, the price of coal would be pushed upward therefore making it easier for compainies like google to undersale with renewable energy. Perphaps he government should adopt a program called renewable energy less than coal plus tax. Get the full version here

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