Sunday, November 25, 2007

French try to stop media piracy....good luck

Here an exert from the reuters article:

PARIS, Nov. 23 (Reuters) — Internet users in France who frequently download music or films illegally risk losing Web access under a new antipiracy system unveiled on Friday.

The three-way pact among Internet service providers, the government and owners of film and music rights was drafted by a commission led by the chief executive of FNAC, a big music and film retailer in France. The industry has called for action against illicit downloads, which are cutting into its sales.

Under the agreement, service providers will issue warning messages to customers downloading files illegally. If users ignore those messages, their accounts could be suspended or closed altogether.

--Historically attempts to stop media piracy have been very ineffective. As soon as you stop one method another one is created. My problem with this plan would be that it seems to be a pretty big invasion of privacy, who's business is it what your downloading anyway. Get the full version here

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