Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Canadian Educaton System

Not as equal as people would like to think. From the Calgary Herold:

A third of Canadian parents are hiring tutors for their children, and the deciding factor appears to be family income -- not grades, according to a report released Monday.

A desire to better prepare kids for the workforce is driving 33 per cent of parents to secure tutors even though many of these students already have an A or B average, said a Canadian Council on Learning-sponsored survey of 5,000 Canadians.

--It is really hard to create an education system that fosters equality becuase the rich will always try to buy their way out somehow. It's also imposible to provide "premium education for every child" because if every one is getting the same level of education, than everyone is getting an average education. Sorta depressing. Get the full version here

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