Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stop the Nationalistic Nonsense

An Op-ed in "The Toronto Star" begins with a quote by NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman. They then go onto quote a "classic insult" where the wall street journal called Canada "a third world country" (10 years ago). They then go onto rant about economic problems in the United States. I absolutely do no understand why Canadians tend to think that any American who said something, misguided, rude, nationalistic MUST be speaking for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY while any American that says something, smart, intelligent, complementary must then be an outsider, or (my favourite) "not really American." Paul Krugman has repeatedly written about the advantages of Canadian health care care versus Americas system. Does anybody want to bet me that in 10 years the star won't describe Krugman's words as, "a classic compliment form the New York Times." I would recommends that and and Peters? Because Krugman is smart activist who is trying to get things done. Donner and Peters resort to nationalistic name calling, this helps nobody and gets nothing done.

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