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Media Bias

I don't claim to be morally instep with the folks at proud to be Canadian (a blog), but their recent posting show a legitimate criticism of the Canadian media. I do not agree (at all) with his assertion that the Canadian media is less bias. The American media is just as biased, but bias in other ways. The difference in media coverage accounts for a lot our political differences with Americans. Reporters outside of the United States demographically tend to be more anti-american. The American press hesitates to say anything too damning of either side, even if they deserve it.

As I’ve often said, Canada’s liberal media is now so culturally liberal-left—right down to their core—that they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore. In some cases they don’t even realize what they’re doing in betraying their liberal-left bias and favoritism —it’s just instinctive to them; in other cases they know full well, and blithely drive their leftist agenda as if we’re all stupid.

After the Iowa Caucuses, in which both the Republicans and Democrats chose their favorites, Canada’s liberal media almost uniformly chose to feature a flattering photo of Barack Hussein Obama (they never use his middle name) in what they’d have you believe is their fair and balanced coverage.

Here’s Obama in the Regina Star Phoenix; and online at
image image’s online poll even featured an exciting Obama theme:

Here he is at the state-run Shocka. :

Here he is in the Vancouver Sun and the Windsor Star:
image image

Here he is on the cover at the liberals’ Globe and Mail
in one of those warm family shots; and on La Press’s cover:
image image

Le Soleil and the liberal-leftists’ Toronto Star
practically had to rename their papers L’Obama and Barrack Star
image image

There were also those which managed to squeak a picture of Mike Huckabee on the cover, but only with one of Obama too—or better yet (for them), Obama, Hillary and Edwards—all Democrats of course.

The Montreal Gazette took at shot at fair and balanced in a teaser box;
while the Ottawa Citizen also managed a two-fer:
image image

While the Globe and Mail featured only Obama on their print edition,
online they managed to squeeze Huckabee into the picture.

The London Free Press featured Obama, third-place finisher
Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards—all Democrats

Not to be outdone, the liberal-lefts’ state-owned CBC Newsworld has covered the Obama win to death so far this morning.

image • 8:45 PT (or so): Early this morning, they featured a university professor. The Canadian media is utterly obsessed with university professors, and I’m almost sure it’s because they are reliably left-wing or even outright Marxists, and can thus be counted on to present the right spin according to the liberal media, for those of you who are uninformed or perhaps naive (which is how the media seems to view all their viewers) and therefore impressed by university professors. The interview went something like this: Bush is obviously enormously disliked or even detested, especially by Canadians as if that makes any difference, and therefore the name of the game is beating him. Apparently it’s unclear to them that he isn’t running. Nonetheless, the Republicans have created a “sluggish” economy (notwithstanding the most amazing, booming economy that they have enjoyed —since soon after 9/11 no less). And things aren’t going well in America, at all!

Here’s a tiny bit of another “hard-hitting” Nancy Wilson follow-up question (my highlighting, obviously):

Nancy Wilson: That’s interesting because certainly I suppose to some extent, Republicans are mindful if not downright haunted by George Bush —certainly Canadians keep hearing about how unpopular the Bush administration continues to be —that must be the kiss of death going into the election campaign, so how daunting is it for ANY Republican candidate to win the White House at this stage?

Professor: Well, uh, some candidates do believe in miracles!....

[Wilson laughs]

image • 9:12 AM PT (approximately) —Then they featured a black man named Roland, who was asked about.... Obama! (Exclusively). He is the author of a book called “Speak Brother—a Black Man’s View of America”. He was clearly a strong Obama supporter. The state-run CBC’s producers could not have had a clue about this predilection for Obama.

image • 9:35 PT (approx) -- A little later, they featured a black woman who is a spokesman for the National Council of Negro Women and was so clearly an Obama supporter that she practically spit with excitement as she spoke, so excited was she over Obama’s win. This time the “very interesting” angle was—how might Oprah’s support for Obama be helping Obama? So you can imagine how that interview went. Anchor Nancy ("very interesting!") Wilson asked questions clearly designed to lead her to say supportive things about Obama, and then largely sat there and let her guest drone on and on… followed by still more fluffball, leading questions… for endless minutes. At one point, the guest seemingly mocked Mike Huckabee for getting the support of Hollywooder Chuck Norris, while Obama has the apparently God-like (to her) Oprah support. Nancy Wilson concluded with: “very very interesting!”—adding that extra “very” as she often does.

• 10:02 (approx)—The CBC’s man in Washington, Henry Champ, gave a reasonable balanced view, but I still think it was tilted toward Obama and other Democrats. They featured speeches by Obama, Clinton, and Edwards—all Democrats. He later spoke about Republican winner Mike Huckabee and showed a clip, but once again, mostly spoke in terms of how he’s a Republican and how he ipso facto has a difficult job ahead of him.

image • 10:20 (approx)—Another interview featuring a fair and balanced expert. His name? Jeffrey Feldman. HE WRITES FOR “THE DAILY KOS”—one of the most rabidly left-wing blogs in America. The Daily Kos is very, very well known—celebrated among liberals—and to anyone who is even remotely paying attention —as a rabidly anti-Bush, anti-conservative, anti-everything-conservatives-stand-for blog. I mean rabidly so. If the CBC producers missed the obvious about the Daily Kos being left-wing, they also missed Feldman’s declaration of bias from just yesterday, there at the Daily Kos: “Whoever prevails in the caucuses (I have my ideas), one thing is certain: I am proud of our side [his bolding]. The Democratic Party...”. Was he introduced that way on CBC Newsworld for our benefit? No! Of course not. He was introduced like this, by the anchor, Andrew Nichols: “ political prognosticator… a professor at New York University—he’s also an author and a political blogger.” That was it. No particular label.

The anchor, Andrew Nichols, holds a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University in Ottawa.

This particular interview has since been repeated in the exceedingly boring rotation at CBC Newsworld. So far, no conservative bloggers have been interviewed as far as I know, but I’m quite sure we’ll be very well informed as to their “conservative”, “Christian-right”, “right-wing”, “religious-right”, or “nutbar” status or bias, if they do (but they won’t). So as usual, for a little bit of sanity and balance, and a bit of a waker-upper, I’m heading over to the superb Fox News Channel —the best channel in Canada.

--He makes a good point, but the words "superb" and "Fox News" should never be used in the same sentence. Here's a picture from the fox news website, in the middle of America's very important primary season:

I think I've said enough.

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