Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You Can Export A Haircut!

...that is assuming one of these people had their hair cut while in the states. From

Canadians broke a seven-year record in October, making 2.2 million same-day trips across the border to the United States, Statistics Canada said Wednesday.

Trips made by British Columbians spiked 16.5 per cent to 431,000 same-day trips, the federal agency estimated. Consumers in the Prairie provinces made an estimated 81,000 trips. Increases in Ontario were modest, at 1.8 per cent, though the 1.2 million trips recorded in October comprised over 54 per cent of the national tally.

Overnight trips to the U.S. also increased, rising to the highest monthly level since September 1993, the federal agency said. Canadians made 972,000 overnight trips to the U.S. in October, an increase of 4.9 per cent over the previous month. Travel to countries overseas also climbed - rising 3.2 per cent to a record-high 642,000 trips.

Meanwhile, Americans made a record low 899,000 same-day visits to Canada, a 3.8 per cent drop from September. The number of visits from overseas travellers also fell, decreasing by 0.3 per cent to 375,000.

During October, the average value of the loonie was $1.03.

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--2.2 million people in one month is pretty incredible...there's only 30 million people in the country.

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