Sunday, September 28, 2008

NDP Directs Canadians to the Web

...Well indirectly. Jack Layton has endorsed a policy of mandating that all Canadians networks carry Canadian content only. If this were made in to law, I do not think that Canadians could honestly claim to have a right to free speech.

This also speaks to the creeping xenophobia in Canadian culture. Many Canadians like to criticize (rightly) the fact that the Bush administration has sacrificed civil liberties in order for some supposed greater good. I've got news for you, it's happening here too. Let's not fall for that trap.

I suggest we call this plan what is really is:

credit to Stackelberg Follower

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Vanessa said...

Canadians have had to deal with problems of acculturation in learning to adapt to varying cultures. Some of our responses have been to use segregation, cultural genocide, assimilation, and accommodation. Evidence of all of these methods can be seen in the way the Indian Act has been administered.