Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Textbook Monopolies

I apologize for the complete lack of blogging lately. Who would have thought it's easier to blog when it's zero degrees in and the sun goes down at four then when it's 25 and the sun goes down at nine.

Anyway, the latest issue of our campus newspaper, the Martlet, informs me that the new copyright act will make it so, "bookstores aren't allowed to purchase from cheaper places like the United States or the United Kingdom."

I find this interesting. Fist of all, it has nothing to do with copyrights. Second, it takes money from students and universities and places it in the hands of Canadian book publishers.

Possible reasons: The book publishers have better lobbyists than do students (or the students are lobbying the wrong people).

Students don't know who to blame for high book prices, but they would know exactly who to blame for higher tuition fees. Making higher textbook prices a smart political move.

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