Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Political effects of the Olympics

Many people have criticized the Olympic committee for allowing China to host despite its human rights record. This argument has merit. China's humans rights record is not good. However, I believe the relevant question to ask is what kind of effect the Olympics will have on China.

China's coverage of the earthquake rescue effort is being broadcast uncensored. The Olympics probably played into this decision, when you are on the world stage, there's a lot of pressure to act nice.

The Chinese government has reduced pollution around Beijing so that athletes know...breath.

However, the Olympic events are still boring, I don't care what anyone says.


Anonymous said...

I agree - the Olympics are good for China, that is evident thus far. As the Olympics get closer and throughout the program I am sure we will also see even greater change in China; Political, Economic, and Social.

And what makes the games boring? Be careful what you say... the games will be in your neck of the woods in 2012!

- Scott

Anonymous said...

Edit: 2010**

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Anonymous said...

dude! where are the 2012 olympics gonna b???

Anonymous said...

interesting insight!

~che r.